Waving of ISIS flags will alienate Kashmiri's from Muslim world : Salman Nizami


NEW DELHI MAR 25 : Salman Nizami, Congress leader today condemned the waving of ISIS flags in Srinagar & other parts of Kashmir, he said that these acts by misguided youth are nothing but a plot to defame the whole Muslim community.
Nizami tweeted an appeal ‘Dear Kashmiris, Beware of ISIS, they will only use you for vested interest, they will Alienate you from rest of Muslims in the world. Because Muslims everywhere have rejected ISIS. You are great people, don’t let young boys become target of ISIS.
Nizami said ISIS is the creation of anti- Muslim forces across the globe. ISIS, must be terminated. ISIS sent one of its suicide bombers to Medina, it is a fraud, an army of criminals. ISIS is not only a danger to the Muslims but to the entire mankind,” Mr Nizami said.
We must accept the fact that ISIS doesn’t represent us, they are not related to Islam and it is our big responsibility to destroy them,” he said.
Nizami said, the way Indian or world leadership, media and social society has stood for Kashmir, time will come when no one will speak for Kashmir. If these shamefull activists like promoting ISIS will continue. Kashmir is a political issue and should be resolved politically.
He also slammed Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in demonising the Islamic world. “For the pain you have caused to the Muslim community, your body will be cut into pieces,” he said.ISIS has done the Muslim community the most damage. “You (terrorists) caused so much pain to Muslim community that we cant even express it in words,” he said referring to ISIS fighters.