Mr. Modi, your storm troopers and lynch-mobs don't scare us!


ABVP, via its proxy organization Vivekananda Vichar Manch, organized the screening of a movie about ‘Love Jihad’ today. The JNUSU had called for a protest against this screening objecting to the patriarchal and fascist propaganda. Mark my words here, it was a protest with a message ‘They Will Not Tell Us Whom to Love’. It was not a call for censorship. It was not a disruption of the program. But very soon, ABVP attacked students, and unleashed a murderous attack specially on the previous JNUSU President Mohit K Pandey.
He was surrounded by several ABVP goons who started attacking him. When he tried to get into a car of one of his friends parked there, they surrounded the car too, broke it glass panes, tried to drag him out and attack him. He escaped somehow from their attack. It was a murderous attack. Had there been no car around, one can only imagine what this groups of goons would have done to Mohit. Do you remember Najeeb?

ABVP is not a students organization. ABVP are the government’s storm troopers whose assigned role is to vitiate campus atmosphere in every university, to facilitate government’s anti-student agenda. Just yesterday, BJP appointed JNU administration received setbacks in legal cases pertaining to a number of anti-student and anti-teacher moves. The very next day, ABVP creates communal propaganda in campus and then unleashes murderous attack on students. The motive is to scare students who are asking questions, create an environment of fear, vitiate the campus atmosphere and clamp down on progressive activists.
As I was stepping out of JNU main gate, I saw media persons of one of the Godi media channels standing there and doing a shoot. Will not be surprised that the media will now turn it around and say that it was ABVP that was attacked, and JNU students are against freedom of expression. ABVP is already circulating pictures of a bloodied hand of someone as ‘evidence’ of attack on them by leftist students. The reality is this is the same guy who broke the glasses of the car, in which Mohit sat down while trying to escape their attack, and his hand was injured when he broke the window pane to attack Mohit.
We are all too familiar with the script and the machinations of this government and its foot soldiers. But Mr. Modi, all your sanghi terror, mob-violence, the fake news industry still hasn’t managed to scare us. Such attacks only strengthen our convictions to fight back your regime that takes away people’ rights and then unleashes it lynch mobs on those who resist.