If the name disappears from the voter list, then how will you vote?


Virbhadra Nishad was one of Modi’s proposer in the 2014 election from Varanasi. Yesterday, he could not cast his vote in Varanasi’s local polls. He says he will speak “directly to the PM”. His name was missing.
Dauji Gupta is a legendary name in Lucknow. Ex-Mayor and MLC, he himself could not cast his vote yesterday! The ex-mayor could not cast his vote to elect a new mayor! His name was missing.

Virbhadra Nishad

In Allahabad, an entire polling booth, with 2,000 registered voters, falling in a Muslim area, did not have a single name of people who fall in the precinct of its poll register!
With such ‘gems’ under its belt, the State Election Commission has ordered an enquiry into the ‘missing voters’ of Uttar Pradesh! Was it not the responsibility of the poll panel to check poll registers BEFORE the polls?
Just some stray examples of what is going to happen in Gujarat mid December on a massive scale! Entire areas are being disenfranchised! Open intimidation is at play; your vote, through which you wanted to punish forces of hate, is lising its relevance.