Is BJP Leaders Helped Karni Sena To Make a Vote Bank


In a string operation by a major TV News Channel, Raj Purohit, BJP MLA and Chief Whip in Maharasthra, acknowledged that it’s his government which has allowed a free hand to Karni Sena, so that they can win in the the upcoming elections in Rajasthan. He says, “Government is not in a mood to hurt them. If they torch vehicles, then it’s good.”
“BJP has no choice. Majboori hai. It’s not about supporting them. What option do we have? BJP can’t go against them, can she? Hindus are supporting them (Karni Sena) at a mass scale. Why are they supporting? To insult their gods?”
Further, Shri Raj Purohit gos on to claim, “Some times, an issue becomes a trend. WHo knew of Karni Sena 6 months back? But they raised an issue. None of the 24-25 Rajput MLAs were patronising them. But when the violence was linked to sentiments, … then you know what I am trying to say. Don’t you? This is politics. All reasons are lost to sentiments. Don’t publish it in my name. This is politics.”
In the last part of the sting, on being asked if the matter will impact state elections, Mr Purohit stated, “Definitely. They will go with BJP. The reason is that it is part of religious activities. It matches the rightwing ideology and BJP is right wing.”

Translation: Shakti Dhar