Salman Nizami in Kerala to help flood victims; wins hearts online


The Kerala floods that left the state ravaged, killed around 361 people, damaged about 20,774 houses and caused an overall loss of around Rs 19,200 crore has been deemed as one of the worst floods in the state in a century. Social media has been abuzz with cry for help.
People across India, including IAS officers, Army, Airforce Jawans, Actors, Political leaders earned a lot of praise for their work among Kerala flood victims, and one of them who has been earning a lot of praise is Congress Leader & Columnist Salman Nizami from Jammu and Kashmir.

Salman, who has been associated with the a group of volunteers across India- helped many in resuce & relief in 2014 Kashmir floods and was spotted serving food, cleaning houses and meeting the flood victims of Kerala. Nizami, who has been associated with the volunteers group in the past, reached the flood-ravaged state and was seen serving food & cleaning houses of flood victims.

Photos and videos of the Salman helping people have garnered a lot of attention online. While many from Jammu and Kashmir have come forward to pledge their support and show solidarity with those affected by the devastating floods in Kerala, Nizami was lauded for reaching out to victims at ground-zero.

Time and again, the Nizami’s volunteers group has rescued, helped, offered food and shelter to people across India. Be it the Kashmir floods, Uttrakhand floods, Amarnath attack etc. Needless to say, complete restoration would require long hours of work for months at an end. However, it is also very encouraging to see the entire country joining hands to help the state in crisis.