What happened on May 22, 1987 in Hashimpura of Meerut?


On May 22, 1987, the month of Ramzan, Day of Jumma, Hashimpura of Meerut, PAC extends Muslims from homes, sieges up to the trucks on the main road, recruits the truck and takes them to the Muradnagar canal; Takes off, shoots and throws in the canal, and throws about 50 people in this way, some even two people survive, i.e. eyewitness, case registers, prosecution, statements of those eye witnesses.
There are no punishments, no responsibility, it happens in a democratic secular country where there is a court, there is also a human rights commission, and there is also minority commission, where some armed men of an armed force almost 50 people They kill that they are not of the religion that the religion considers as a soldier of that armed force and no one has any responsibility.
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And once you talk to any intellectual, it will end your talk by saying that the “riots cause harm to everyone”
I say why do not analyze the riots that have happened since independence? How many people were killed and how many of the community? How many died from the police bullet and how many of the community was there? How many arrests occurred after the riots and how much from the community? How many were punished and from what community? How much property was burnt or wasted and how many of the community? Will you know who will be harmed in the riots?
Written by – Nadeem Akhter