Are you thinking about to buy a Premium Smartphone ?


As technology moves forward smartphones are grooming day by day and become more powerful. At this time smartphones are available the same RAM as the laptop and screen resolution comes nearer to a LED screen. Not just that, even camera quality also coming nearer to DSLRs.
Some latest released premium brands available in the market i.e. Google Pixel 2 XL, Samsung Galaxy S8 plus, iPhone X and One Plus 5T. Let’s analyze all the brand separately that help to make a decision of buying a new smartphone.

  1. One Plus 5T:

                     After the overwhelming response of one plus, 5 company decided to launch an updated version of on one plus 5 with some slight modifications i.e. screen size, RAM and orientation of fingerprint sensor and ameliorated the camera quality.

  • RAM                   :     8GB
  • Price                   :    Rs 37,999
  • Color                  :   Midnight Black
  • Weight               :   163 gm
  • Battery Power  :   3300 mAh
  • Camera              :   20MP+16MP Primary
    camera and 16MP Front camera
  • Display              :    01 inch screen
  • Dimension        :    61×7.5×0.73 cm


  1. Google Pixel 2 XL:
                                         It seems manufactured by the plastic. Of course, neither pixel 2 nor pixel 2 XL made from the plastic. But Google coated all that aluminum with a textured finish that hides most of the antenna lines and also makes the phones easier to grip. Google took what could have been a visually impressive design and covered it up in the name of ergonomics. It literally made a metal phone feel like a plastic one.

    Google Pixel 2 XL

  • RAM                    :    4 GB
  • Price                    :   69,899
  • Color                    :   White
  • Camera               :   2 MP Primary
    camera and 8 MP Front camera
  • Display                :    6 inch QHD + Display
  • Dimension          :   47×7.57x.85 cm

3. iPhone X:
Most premium brand among all, Apple launched it at the end of previous year. In-spite having high price it impressively allured the customer in the market. Apple IOS based smartphone made a remarkable spot in the smartphone industry.

iPhone X

  • RAM                   :     3 GB
  • Price                   :    Around one lakh
    (varying according to the storage and color)
  • Color                  :    White, Silver, Black
  • Weight               :   204  gm
  • Battery Power  :   2900 mAh
  • Camera              :   12MP wide angle and telephoto primary
    camera with optical image and 7 MP Front camera
  • Display              :    5  inch screen
  • Dimension        : 15.8×7.8×0.8 cm


  1. Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus
                                                        Most expensive and entice model of Samsung, and next version of Samsung galaxy series. Earlier Samsung edge came on the market afterward plus with some modifications.

Image result for Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus hd

  • RAM                   :     4 GB
  • Price                   :    Rs 64,000
  • Color                  :    Black
  • Weight               :   204  gm
  • Battery Power  :    3500 mAh
  • Camera              :   12MP Dual Pixel Primary Camera
    8 MP Secondary Camera
  • Display              :    2  inch screen
  • Dimension       :     95x.81×7.34 cm

If we look at the price and features then buying One Plus 5T is the most lucrative investment. Although Apple is now where among all in the matter of specifications but it rules the world just by the name of the brand.