Shocking! A Son Allegedly Killed his Mother by Shoved from the Terrace


  Maa (mother), is a word that entirely completed in own sense and it doesn’t need any further explanation to prove. It’s considered the most adored character to a person and vise-versa. But if the news of matricide comes from a country like India where son like Sharwan Kumar proudly present as a paragon for parents can shock anyone.
But that kind of shocking oppression has happened in the Rajkot, Gujrat because the son was distressed by her illness.  The Family initially claimed that Jaishree Ben fell off from the terrace after losing balance. Police considered this case as an Accidental death.
While the police checked the medical report of Jaishree ben they found she was suffering from a brain hemorrhage and bedridden. So police checked the CCTV footage of the accidental area and found that son was almost dragged her to take on the terrace because she was not in the condition of walking.
“After enquiring her medical report, we checked the CCTV cameras installed in the apartment, and the recording clearly suggested that Nathwani was with Jayshree when she fell off the terrace,” Deputy Commissioner of Police (Zone II) Karanraj Vaghela said, adding that Nathwani had initially denied killing his mother but had confessed later.
“He told us he was fed up with his mother’s illness,” Vaghela said. “Nathwani told us that on the day of the incident, he took his mother to the terrace and pushed her”.
The police officer said the son complained of uneasiness during his interrogation on Thursday and was admitted to a local hospital. He will be formally arrested once he is discharged.