Rafale scam- a simple maths ?

Rafale Deal and Scam (done by Prime Minister Modi and BJP) is nothing but a simple math for intelligent Indians
  • Around 2014, UPA signed a deal with Dassault Aviation for 126 jets in 10.2 billions USD (54,000 crores INR). (2012 conversion rate)
  • In which, 18 ready to fly Fighter jets and 108 aircrafts would be imported to India.
    Dassault company had to share its technology with India too.
  • HAL (Hindustan Aeronautics Limited) which is India’s public sector Defence Unit and aerospace (It has been giving services since ages) had got the deal to manufacture and taking care of Rafale jets.

After Modi regime, everything suddenly changed

Prime Minister Modi visited France accompanied with Anil Ambani. After the meeting, the previous deal with Dassault Company was cancelled and a new deal was signed by Modi.

  • In 2016, new deal was only 36 ready to fly Jets will be imported to India in 8.2 billion USD (58,000 INR according to new conversion of rupees).
  • No aircrafts and NO technology deal from France Company.
  • And moreover, HAL (India owned public sector for defence) is nowhere in this deal.
  • Everything, from repairing to taking care of Jets have been bagged by RDL (Reliance Defence Limited) owned by Anil Ambani.

So, I have just few questions like a common citizen of this great Democratic country-

  1. How Modi govt deal is better than UPA govt deal?
  2. How come 36 jets in 58,000 crore rupees when the 126 jets were for just rupees 54,000 previously?
  3. Why HAL has not got the chance to serve Rafale Jets? Is HAL incompetent in front of RDL (which is started a couple of years ago)?
  4. If HAL is not upto the level of RDL then why it is in existence?
  5. How came PM Modi announced everything without having any meeting with then-Defence Minister Parrikar and Govt Body?

So, if you are still not convinced that there are bag of rats in this deal then, you should start reading Maths from class 1.