My experience with so called Terrorist


I got to know about a sensational ongoing Fair where RSS and Hindutva teachers are giving lessons to girls about how Muslims are terrorists. So, I am going to how really our fellow citizens are brandished as Terrorists by sexually frustrated people.
I am a girl and too with a Hindu name which makes me Bengali too. I have talked to many people of different faiths but in these 2-4 years, I have been in interaction with MUSLIMS much. I have got a colleague who is from Kashmir and he is a MUSLIM. We eat together and we work together. He never showed me a gun. He never abused me and my mother and my sisters. He never told me to convert.
I went to met a JNU guy who is a Muslim. I went to his room accompanied by another Muslim and we ate from same plate. We drink water from same glass. They didn’t molest me or rape. He even hugged me and kissed my head and blessed me. He never told me to convert. I have a senior guy who is a teacher and he is a Muslim too. I do talk and share my problems with him. He is elder than me. We have been talking since 6 months. We are good friends and he even fights for me. He never told anyone that he is gonna convert me.
This is just a small example. I am really feeling ashamed after writing this piece because I have to address these people as Muslims and myself as Hindu because we never think like this.  But this is true. We are same. I love every Human being till he/she is good with me.