Indian Muslim's own Traitors in News Rooms


Very Strange trend is going on these days indeed since last 2 years. Whatever issue happens in country be it Demonetization, Triple Talaq, Ghar Wapsi, Love Jihad, GST, Marriage Registration, Elections, Terror Attack, Politics, Train Accident or the latest Ban on Fire Crackers in Delhi NCR during Diwali. Every news war room need one so called Maulana or a look alike Maulana to debate on issues related or not related to Islam.
 Since most of prominent Scholars and representative of big Muslim organisations such as Jamiyat Ulema E Hind, Jamat E Islami, Darool Uloom Deoband, Nadwatul Ulema Lucknow, Shia Council, ect have stopped going in TV debates and advised repeatedly to avoid going since long time. Now most of media houses wants to create sensation in every issue and to divert the attention from core issue they need to make every issue a Hindu v/s Muslim issue. They started inviting some paid small time Maulanas or people who are not Maulana but look like them with full grown beard and scull cap. Before going into details I want to share my own personal experience.

A so called maulana Deabating on fire crackers ban at new Delhi in an Indian News channel

Once I was invited by an English News channel for debate on UP govt decision of making marriage registration compulsory for all. They asked me about what should they write after my name I said Social Activist but I was shocked when I saw the screen during debate it was written Khalid Saifi (Islamic Scholar) moreover on the top of my pic it was written opposing the decision even before I made any comment, as it was a live debate I couldn’t do anything.
When on my 1st turn I said that is this the only issue left in UP to debate on and by making marriage registration mandatory how the condition of UP women will improve. After this I was not given a chance to speak till end. I understood their policy that the anchor wanted me to just abuse and curse the Yogi govt for this so that other panelist will get a chance to bombard me and raise questions on Islam. After few days I again got a call from same news channel to debate on some Manglore issue related to somebody inviting people to join ISIS again they wanted me to defend that person and speak against Govt of India. I refused politely.
Same pattern can be seen everyday of most of news debate they call somebody from community give them pick and drop, snacks to eat and some fees ranging between Rs. 2500-5000. I know many of these so called Maulana or Look a like Maulana some of them are running their NGOs or Organizations with big impressive names which can impress anyone and they will be treated as the representatives of whole Muslim community. If we do a reality check we will find them to be of No relevance and importance among Muslims their past records and personal conducts are very Dubious.
These people are hardly literate and they are thrown in front of Big experienced Phd holder spokies of BJP and RSS. Many a times it appears that RSS spoke person has more knowledge of Islam than these so called Maulana. On bit of provocation they loose their cool (or they act like that) and starts shouting and throwing hands wildly. They play in hands of Anchors and other panelists like dumbs.
It gives open chance to BJP and RSS people to fire their hate guns on Islam and entire Muslim community through them. People laugh at them make fun of them shouts at them and insults them every single day.
Now if you talk to these so called Maulana and request them to stop going for these debates no matter how polite or concerned you are they will call you an agent of RSS straight away and will start abusing you. Few of my friends tried this and got thrashed by these Farji Maulana (I have a call recording as a proof).
Whole idea behind writing this is to make people aware of the fact that people you see on News debates as Mualanas or as representative of Muslims are actually on a pay roll and they have an agenda of their pay masters and they are saying all this for their own wested interests.
They do not represent even 0.01% of Muslims. You will never see them doing any work for the upliftment of society. You will never see them helping anyone in need. You will find them only at 2 places 1st on TV screen and 2nd in religious programs of their organization asking for donations.
They make many inflammatory comments of other religions especially on Hinduism to help polarization and creates divide in society.
We need to understand this pattern and do away with these kind of people. First of all its a duty of Muslim community to boycott such people once they are boycotted by Muslims publicly then their presence will become irrelevant in News room
 ( PS: This article is written with writer’s personal experience, research and knowledge. Names of any person and channel is withheld purposely. )