Does This Heinous Crime is A Blemish on the Hindus?


Any religion never taught us violence and to practice unethical things which unjustified humanity of a person. By the every means religion only taught us to live in peace and love. Humanity is the topmost priority of each and every religion.
But the irony is that communalism became an imperative part of Indian democracy and Hindu-Muslim matter completely politicized. Every party adopted communalism in its system and by any mean they use in the election to gather the votes or say it becomes vote bank for the election. Somehow by the daily routine, any matter comes in news related to Hindu-Muslim directly or indirectly.
Party comes to power with the promise that we demolish politics accompanied with communalism or more specifically related to Hindu-Muslim and focused on the real matter such as poverty, unemployment and much more. With the passage of time these real matters mix-up in the venom of communalism and forgot up to the next vicinity of the election. In our country, intolerance between Hindu and Muslim is spread by the politician’s cliché statements instead of emphasizing on the unity of Hindu-Muslim, they try to divide people based on religion by playing with their sentiments.
In our country cliché matters spotted in limelight and widely covered by the media like what someone says on Taj Mahal, who entered in Temple, who is a real Hindu? Rahul Gandhi is real Hindu or not. These all matter don’t have any relationship with the development of the nation. But our politics become such ridiculous and augments these types of absurd elements in the election whether it states election or General election.
That happened in Rajasthan it was the result of venom of communalism that spread by the paid media and politics. A person was cut by the axe and his dead body was pyre and video of this outrage have gone viral among the people, in the short video clip a person to tell it the outcome of Love Jihad. The killed person was a Muslim and murderer is a Hindu that’s the reality of the murder. This type of unethical and heinous crime has displayed the mindset of people towards the others religion’s person. This isn’t a single matter don’t know how many were happened covered by the media or how many are uncovered.
We should take stand on this and try to build the peace between these two religions. We will try to augment brotherhood instead of hate between the people of these two communities. Humanity should be our priority rather than religion. People should be recognized for their deeds instead of their name of religion.