Hang Ashifa's rapist in public : Salman Nizami

Police has done its Job, no point of case going to CBI

NEW DELHI April 11: Following the submission of Charge sheet by Crime Branch in the kidnapping, raping, murder of eight year old nomadic girl Ashifa bano Congress leader Salman Nizami demanded strict punishment and immediate hanging of the culprit.
Nizami said ‘When the Police have done their job, there is no point of case going to CBI. The accused should go to trial now and if found guilty should be hanged to death. He said, Just because the accused are Hindus does not mean that the Government is targeting a community.
If they will be innocent, it will be proven in court. He further said ‘Rape & murder of 8 year old Ashifa has the footprints of fringe Hindutva group all over it.
Shameful that BJP ministers & Lawyers defended the delinquents. Nizami while appreciating the effort made to nab the culprits said they should be hanged. “Cases of rapes have been increasing in the country.
The accused getting arrested is a big achievement. Now that they have confessed their crime, they should be given strictest of the punishment. Immediate hearing should be done and they should be hanged,” Nizami said.
Blaming the BJP-PDP government in the state of complete failure in ensuring law and order, Nizami said a few people in the ruling party are trying to communalise the issue by issuing unnecessary statements.
He further demanded formulation of a stringent law, under which those found guilty of child rape and murder would be hanged within a month of committing the crime.
“The way justice was meted out to the rape accused of 8 year old Zainab in Pakistan, should happen in India in Ashifa’s case as well.
Cases relating to rape carry on for years, with the accused getting no punishment for his crime,” Nizami told reporters here. What is necessary is immediate decisions to give justice to the rape victims. I demand the formulation of a law, which will fast-track the rape related cases and the accused, if proven guilty is hanged within a month of committing the crime.