Do BJP’s Veteran Leaders Take-over Responsibility of Babri Mosque Demolition?


6 December is a peculiar day for the Indian history. Some considered as a black day and some considered as a pride for the Nation. I don’t comment who is right and who is not. Both have different perspectives so obviously, their mindset would be in the diverse direction.
Today is the 25th anniversary of the demolition of Babri Mosque. It was the most discussed topic in the recent years. In the time of the election, it becomes the hot debatable element among the print media and electronic media as well. It is politicized and used as a source of vote bank by every party and parties try to gather the votes on the promise of making Ram Mandir on the place of Babri Mosque. It is a topic which was added with Hindus sentiments.
Many things happened in the passage of 25 years. Even a case was also filed by the social activists in the High Court and Allahabad High Court also presented a verdict on it and later, it was challenged in the Apex Court and decision yet to come on this.
But after the demolition of Mosque, no one took the open responsibility of demolition except the founder of Shiv Sena, Bal Thackeray. He came forward to accept the responsibility of the act and said ‘I am proud of my Shiv Sainiks who did it.’
Do other leaders have guts to accept the responsibility of it such as Bal Thackeray? People know the name of BJP’s leaders who were pertained to demolition. But they never accepted it publicly. Concerned the same issue senior Journalist Nikhil Wagle tweeted by using his official twitter handle by claiming this act as a shameful. He wrote “Entire RSS leadership displayed historic cowardice after Babri demolition. Nobody came forward to own responsibility for the act. Finally, Bal Thackeray came forward, accepted the responsibility and said, ‘I am proud of my Shiv Sainiks who did it!’ #ShamefulAct”