December 16: Why Is It ‘Vijay Diwas (Victory Day)’ for India and Bangladesh and Dark Date for Pakistan?


16 December has been registered a gloomy date in the chronology of Pakistan and a ‘Vijay Diwas (Victory Day)’ in the history of India and Bangladesh. On the same date Pakistan has passed from catastrophic event. On 16 December, 1971 Pakistan lost its eastern part, which know as Bangladesh. It is still in reflection who should be blamed for this black day.
Throughout these 46 years Pakistan has been blamed itself, for the damage inflicted to Pakistan geographical boundaries. On December 16, 1971, Indian Army in collaboration with Mukti Bahini, an armed wing of the Bengali separatists occupied Dhaka after a long resistance. The surrender of Pakistani military led to the disintegration of East and West Pakistan and the establishment of Bangladesh.
It’s rigorous to forget this day when the biggest country of Islamic world faced a callous division. December 16, 1971 is termed as the darkest day in the history of Pakistan. The local population of Eastern Pakistan stood with the enemies against their own Muslim brothers. About 93,000 of Pakistani soldiers were detained and surrendered in the front of Indian army.
In the history of Pakistan, 24 years does not hold a significant importance but the division of the Pakistan in this span arises myriad number of questions. Genuinely, East Pakistan could not be shattered without India’s intervention but one of the questions is that why the Bengalis who thoroughly for the formation of Pakistan in 1947 were inclined to split from Pakistan after mere 24 years?
The tragic aspect is that the ruling class of Western Pakistan had forgotten the separation of East Pakistan in such a way as if it was not the division of a state but of some unimportant object. Despite of the passage of 46 years, neither the ones responsible for Dhaka fall have been determined nor has anyone been convicted. After numerous years we still face the same question “What did we learn from the fall of Dhaka incident?” Most nations remember their moments of disaster more than their hours of glory. It helps in learning lessons and avoiding future catastrophes.