Catalonia Parliament declared itself as a free country


Spain’s state of Catalonia has passed a resolution declaring independence from Spain on Friday. A referendum was held there a few days ago. There was a huge turnout in favor of an independent nation. Although the Spanish government has said that there will be ‘validity restored’ and the separatist efforts of the region will be curbed.
Thousands of people had gathered outside Parliament House before voting in the Parliament of Catalonia. The Parliament passed a resolution regarding ‘declaring Catalonia as an independent nation’ as a republic. On the other hand, Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy gave an immediate response and urged that “all the Spaniards remain calm.” They tweeted immediately after voting in the Catalonia parliament, “the rule of law will restore legality in Catalan.”

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Fox News said- A group of opposition politicians angrily boycotted the vote. As news of the vote spread, pro-independence Catalans cheered and sang in the streets of Barcelona, and the Spanish flag was removed from public buildings across the province. But the announcement of the birth of the Catalan Republic—the name chosen for the new nation— is almost certain to remain a symbolic exercise for now, because Spanish authorities are expected to move quickly to dismantle the Catalan government, and the Catalans have little means, other than civil disobedience, to slow them down.
According to FOX NEWS – European neighbors have rallied behind Spain, condemning the independence. On Friday, Italian Foreign Minister Angelino Alfano said his country “does not and will not” recognize Catalonia’s independence, characterizing it as “a very serious gesture that is outside the framework of the law.” French President Emmanuel Macron also backed Rajoy’s decision saying, “he has my full support.”
Because of its own cultural identity, those in favor of Catalan independence have pushed for the region to become separate from Spain. Supporters also believe that they have given more to the Spanish government than they have gotten back.
The push for independence “raises questions of the future of democracy and democratic rule,” Pamela Radcliff, a University of California, San Diego professor and modern Spain historian, told Fox News. “What’s being contested between Spain and Catalonia, one of the things is different visions of what defending democracy looks like.”
Aljazeera Reported – Germany, Europe’s strongest economy, said it backs Spanish unity and does not recognise Catalonia’s unilateral declaration of independence.
“The (German) federal government does not recognise such an independence declaration,” German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s spokesman, Steffen Seibert, said in a statement posted on Twitter.
“The sovereignty and territorial integrity of Spain are and always will be inviolable,” he added. “We hope that those involved will use all available opportunities for dialogue and de-escalation.”
Washington also weighed in, saying it backed Madrid’s efforts to keep the country united.
“Catalonia is an integral part of Spain, and the United States supports the Spanish government’s constitutional measures to keep Spain strong and united,” Heather Nauert, US State Department spokeswoman, said in a statement.
Los Angeles Times reported- Hours after independence was announced, hundreds of opponents marched through the city chanting “I am Spanish!” waving Spanish flags and a banner that said “Catalonia is Spain.”
When the crowd passed Catalunya Radio, video posted online showed those waving Spanish flags breaking a window. Critics consider the station, which is mostly funded by the regional government, a promoter of the independence movement.
There appeared to be violence on both sides: One video showed Catalonian police confronting the pro-Spain crowd, while another showed a masked Spain supporter punching a pro-independence demonstrator.