Would Padmavati release decide on the roads or by the censor board?


Our constitution gives us the liberty to do protest if we do not agree with someone’s whether it’s matter of government policy or any movie release or something else. But the constitution doesn’t give latitude to do violence on behalf of the protest.
Protest before releasing any movie isn’t a new concept, prior we also saw the same kind of protest and controversy on the release of Udta Punjab and My Name Is Khan and many more, now the release of Padmavati. Even these movies have different name and stories, but matter behind the controversy is common and that is public sentiments.

‘Public sentiments’ may seem an ordinary and mundane word on hearing and spelling, but it has ample power to accompany any government, political party and system along with people with the compromise of the fundamental characteristics and have significant power to make people ruthless.
The same above-mentioned scenario seemed to happen on releasing of Padmavati movie. One side, Any Sena on the road with a burning poster of the movie and chanting rubbish for lead actress of movie Deepika Padukone and director Sanjay Leela Bhansali. Even some did not hesitate to call Deepika Padukone a Baazaru woman and some were making a promise to snatch nose from her. One was talking about the sprinkle acid on movie director. And another side our miserable police force they can do nothing even they want to do, and if have looked on government then it plays a diplomatic role partially toward the vote bank side.
Should movie release or not?  In public or more specific in Any Sena, no one knows what is the entire story of the movie, so how can anyone say this movie is a blemish on the Rani Padamavati character? The Even movie director also divulged a short video clip and told nothing is wrongly portrayed in the movie. So we should have faith in him and have respect for his creativity. We should believe in the censor board decision to release and be cooperative and try to make it peaceful release. If the matter goes up to court then we should consider our judiciary system decision.
Apart from the movie release, there are many vital topics in the country on which we should debate and to do protests like unemployment, farmer suicide and much more. A movie is affiliated with entertainment and creativity, be it there and don’t try it to associate with someone’s personal life.