Mr Modi Are You Ready to Act Against Benami Sampatti Holders


Modi talked about Benaami sampatti today in Himachal, about how ‘Congressmen’ hold benaami property in the name of their drivers, cooks etc. and how the planned ‘black day’ on Nov 8th (demonetisation day) is a reflection of desperation on part of his opponents afraid of Benaami sampatti (amendment) act brought by his government in 2016.
Mr. Modi, I agree that Benaami sampatti is a genuine issue. But please answer the following questions:
You brought in the benaami sampatti (amendment) act in 2016. Enlighten us on one single action undertaken by your Government anywhere in India under this law.
People of India suspect that LIKE the anti-black money, demonetisation drive, which you sold as an anti-rich move, but which turned out to be a ploy to transfer black money from your rivals to you, and helped BJP win 2017 UP elections, this anti-benaami tirade is driven by mal-intent.
Benaami property issue strikes at the heart of backwardness in India. The real issue is millions of hectares benaami land lying in the villages. This land belongs rightfully, to peasants and the rural landless. BUT THE UPPER CRUST OF THE LANDED GENTRY HAS USURPED THIS ENTIRE ‘PROPERTY’. AND THIS SECTION, WHICH ACTUALLY SUSTAINS FEUDAL REMNANTS ANTITHETICAL TO THE DEVELOPMENT OF A MARKET ECONOMY IN RURAL INDIA, IS THE BIGGEST SUPPORTER OF BJP AND COMMUNALISM!
So, Mr. PM, stop fibbing. Come to UP. Tour the countryside. From Lucknow till Nepal border, landed forces, MOST OF THEM BJP MPs AND MLAs, HOLD A HUGE AMOUNT OF BENAAMI LAND! DO YOU INTEND GOING AGAINST YOUR BASE Mr. MODI?


The naked truth is that today, all semi-feudal, kulak-rich agrarian forces are with BJP. These forces deny land to the landless…and thus hold back productivity. They also prevent small and marginal farmers from gaining access to markets. They monopolise everything. Progressive forces will be your biggest supporters if you take initiative on this issue. Launch a war against Benaami property. We will support you.
But this war should be fought honestly. Destroy feudal remnants in Indian economy. The nation will be grateful to you.
But please don’t reduce such an important issue to a Jumla. Do not use it to settle scores with political rivals. Do not show another dream to the poor and bely their expectations
We know what is going to happen. Landless shall remain landless. Owners of big, illegal property in the countryside will continue to flourish.
It is your supporters…BJP people…BJP MPs like Kirti Vardhan Singh, Brijbhushan Sharan Singh, pro-BJP elements like Raja Bhaiyya, the Raja of Varanasi, who have transferred lakhs of acres of benaami land in the name of their dead relatives, cooks, drivers, even dogs, cows, trees and what not…are you ready to act against them?
Are you ready to act against the UP CM? Do you know how much benaami land the Gorakhpur Math holds?