Delhi Air pollution: Mamata Banerjee Slammed the Pathetic Condition


Pollution in Delhi becomes a crucial topic for discussion politically as well in public interest. Again Delhi pollution is a trending topic when Sri-Lankan players on day two of the 3rd Test match, put the mask in their mouth because they couldn’t tolerate the bad air condition. Some trolling pages were not put on back and trolled the players by showing creativity in their memes.
Mamata Banerjee, the Chief Minister of West Bengal has slammed the smog and pollution in Delhi. While she spoke in the media interaction at State Secretariat about the wearing masks by the Sri-Lankan players because of the pathetic air pollution. She said “It is shameful for the country to witness international level cricket players wearing masks to play a game of cricket in Delhi. I am feeling ashamed of this that’s why I am saying all this. It is not a political issue but a genuine issue.”
She also told how to subdue on this miserable condition in Delhi, speaking to the media “In the capital city of our country, Sri-Lankan players were seen wearing masks during a Test match. There is a rise in air pollution and Delhi must Control it in consultation with all the stakeholders. This will be good for our country. We don’t want anyone to badmouth our country.”
Where Bengal CM looked disappointed on the authorities to not over the pollution and smog and some others criticized Sri-Lankan player for making a fuss of it, while no one else in the stadium had any problem.
The veteran opener of Indian cricketer Gautam Gambhir also showed the concerned on the micro-blogging site Twitter and put take on the Government. He tweeted “Air Quality Index (1st Innings): 316, without loss!!! And our leaders are debating film releases, drawing our diet-chart, searching for another excuse to blame govt. at the center and vice-versa” with a picture in which Sri-Lankan players depicted wearing masks.