A Scam of Modi Government Exposed by ‘The Print’


A scam of Modi government is exposed by a web news portal ‘The Print’. The scam is related to HRD ministry of the government.
Actually while Smriti Irani was HRD minister, she decided 450 seats yearly in Kendriya Vidalaya (KV) for the special quotas that was favored by HRD ministry.
But in last three years, under the former HRD minister Smriti Irani and current HRD minister Prakash Javedkar total 35,685 admissions recommendation favored by HRD department. The hike in quota is approximately 25 times more than yearly quota that was fixed at 450.
Kendriya Vidalaya’s admission management organization comes under the HRD department of the government. The quota was fixed at 450 by the smriti Irani when she was handling HRD ministry.
Under the RTI act the Print found that:

  • In the academic session 2015-16 as a HRD minister Smriti Irani made 5128 admissions recommendation while quota was fixed at 450. From that 5128 recommendations and 3500 were succeed to get the admission in KV.
  • Next year, 2016-17 Smrti Irani did recommendation for 15065 admissions. Although quota was fixed as last year at 450. From that 15065 recommendations, 8000 got the admission.
  • In the mid of 2016 HRD department was handover to Prakash Javedkar. Since that 15492 recommendations was made by Javedkar. This number is included academic session 2017-18 up to October. Although quota was fixed at 450 such as previous years. Though the statics of getting admission under recommendation wasn’t collected by the KVs. According to the sources this number is approximately 8000.

Replying to an RTI KVs wrote “in that years (2016-16, 2016-17, 2017-18) we got more recommendation than fixed quota”