Double Standard


The double standard is a widely spread issue in the male dominant society. Being more precise if we discuss India, each and every girl must have confronted these double standards at whichever stage of life for whatever reason. Maybe you are luckier if you think “you are still away from these double standards (especially for girls)”. In a broad aspect, girls face this merely from the stage where they are not even officially born. “Female Foeticide” The burning topic. It’s quite embarrassed to hear that: “Government have to put plenty and spread awareness for the basic right of every HUMAN to born and live”
Keep this vital topic aside, on a smaller scale don’t you think they have faced these double standards on regular basis?  Maybe they are all so immune to this now that they can’t even find out what is right and what is not. Taking a firm stand is a far away thing then. Okay, let me tell
Remember when her parents were so obsessed with her’s education and one of the relatives cramped them by alluding why to bother much for her education because she is a girl. And that incidence when mom told her that your brother was permitted for late night parties and no one has any issue with him. When asking that why she is not permitted to do this and the answer came was ’cause she is a girl. A boy is almost free from these parochial mind thoughts.
Maybe issues are not major now. Not education and all. But issues are still there. So whenever you feel something like those double standards. Raise your voice. Put a question against it. People will obviously understand. Girls are a part of well-mannered society after all.
Let’s make a girl a real blessing. I have used the word ‘let’s make ‘ cause even some people don’t have a sense that being a girl or having a girl child is a blessing. We have to take stand for all the minor things now. Major is the government problems now. Don’t raise voices for reservations to ask for real equality. Don’t be feminists Be HUMANISTS first. Don’t ask for diamond now Earn it.
Whether it be paying bills or sharing responsibilities, Be equal in every aspect. And claim same standards for everyone. They will understand. They have to ’cause it’s the fact. Let’s banish the double standards.