Left US Job, IIM Indore Offer to Join Indian Army


This is an amazingly inspirational story and it may burst you into tears. It an example, that nothing is impossible for an arduous and dexterous person. It tells, if a person has ambitions and visions, pursue them with perfect willingness then sky has the limit.
His father used to do work in a cement factory as a laborer and just got 60 rupees wage per day. He didn’t get the high class standard education but whatever facilities he got, utilized it to pursue own dreams. His understand his father indignant situation and with his immense hard work he joined IIIT, Hyderabad to get Bachelor of Technology degree in Computer science.
After completing graduation he left a big package job in the US and rejected a call from IIM Indore to join Indian Army.
His name is Barnana Yadagiri. When his father saw him in Indian Army Officer’s attire at Indian Military Academy (IMA) clearing out parade in Dehradun on Saturday, he flooded into tears. Even he wasn’t aware that his son is going to join Indian Army day before the parade. On Saturday he also received the Indian Military Academy’s prestigious silver medal award, as per report of TOI.
According to Barnana, he tenacious to follow his heart and join Indian Army to serve the nation. Barnana on Saturday got the IMA’s prestigious silver medal for standing first in the order of merit in theTechnical Graduate Course. His proud parent witnessed this big and emotional moment.
He did struggle with many extreme financial conditions in life. “I have seen days when my father earned 60 rupees in a day,” He said. His mother is suffering from Polio. “Despite these financial hardships, I was never tempted by money” he added.
Barnana considers that what kind of satisfaction you get by doing work for the nation that wouldn’t be replaced by any amount of money.